Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zoom on... Morgan Adamski

Blogger: "If you had to name your style , how would you call it?"
Her: "I think my style would just be Hipster if anything, I mean, I know there's debates on whether that actually is a style, but that's where my primary inspiration comes from."

Blogger: "How do you describe your style usually?"
Her: "A mix of Cutesy, Hipster, and Classy, really. I mean, there's the occasional slutty clothes here and there out of amusement, but when I really try, things like that get the most out of my attention."

Blogger: "What are your 3 favorites stores?"
Her: "Hmm.... Maitreya, League, and N-Core."

She's wearing...

Jacket: GRASP
Suspenders & skirt: League
Undershirt: Nyte'n'Day

Met in Maitreya.

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