Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Hello Babydolls!
Well, sometimes you are just wandering around and you discover a really unique store. That's what happened to us a couple of days ago. We have been lucky to discover the owner of this amazing store which is Amarelo Manga.

Haven't heard about it yet? Well I bet you will soon! The owner of this store is reallyyyy talented! She has created many things yet such as the clothes in this article.. Have a look by yourself here.

She has many different kind of clothes such as casual clothes, swimwear (amazing ones that I will show you soon) and 'Haute Couture'. Her clothes (with sculpted prims!) smell like spring with hot colors! Everything to be fashion right there girls!! So get a move on!

Sway has been lucky to have one of her new dresses she has just created and we will have the pleasure to show it to you as soon as possible! So come and have a look at the blog!

Hey girls guess what...
The owner of Amarelo Manga will create a UNIQUE color for every item she will create from this point!And they will be available ONLY for Shic! blog members!

So pass on the message!

Xoxo girls !!

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