Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zoom on...Michele Stoneshield

Blogger: "If you had to name your style , how would you call it ?"
She: "I would call my style...Chele-Chic haha. Simply because I change clothes based on my mood so I had to name it something more personal ;]"

Blogger: "How do you describe your style usually ?"
She: "Usually...I always end up wearing boots haha. Can't go wrong with them honestly so I'd describe my style to typically be on the casual side. I'd describe my style to be simple + cute + a hint of edge haha. Nothing tooo bold...usually haha."

Blogger: "What are your 3 favorites stores ?"
She: " Mon tissu <3, Mandala, Truth."

She's wearing...
-Jacket: Mon tissu
-Shorts: Deetalez
-Boots: AOHARU
-Rings &Nails: Mandala
-Gauges: Nox.

Met in The Dressing Room Blue.

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